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MetadynView is a web tool for visualization and analysis of free energy surfaces calculated by metadynamics method, in particular by Plumed package. You can try the original version or the new version (SVG output). Details on Metadyn View and its algorithm can be found in P. Hošek & V. Spiwok: Comput. Phys. Commun 198, 222-229 (2016). You can participate on development by filling the form. Maintenance and development of the tool is supported by Elixir Czech Republic.


A special forthcoming issue of Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences on Machine Learning in Biomolecular Simulations will contain our article anncolvar: Approximation of Complex Collective Variables by Artificial Neural Networks for Analysis and Biasing of Molecular Simulations. The program anncolvar makes it possible to approximate difficult or impossible to calculate collective variable for metadynamics or other biased simulation in Plumed.



Dear users of metadynview,
If you use R statistical program you can think about testing our metadynminer package.

Add your HILLS file to

We have enabled users to share their HILLS files on You need to register at After being approved by staff you can login and fill the form at MetadynView can be launched by clicking to a link. You can share your HILLS file on Facebook, Twitter and other networks.


Poster award

zoran poster

Poster award from XV Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology in Nove Hrady goes to Zoran Sucur. Congratulations!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018

Merry metadynamics

To see Christmas tree growing in the metadynamics viewer go to and click ►.

New MetadynView facelift

New web site launched

Today we have started new web site with news, tutorials (comming soon), choice of different versions etc.

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